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Who am I and what do I do.

My name is Larisse Bollebakker, I was born on 06-11-1991. Since my 20th I have been in client councils and I have participated in regional and national debates.
I also participated twice in Tha bus on tour, giving guest lessons at vmbo schools about mental health, bullying and autism.
Since a few years I have been with the national youth council group main issues. Through there, I give guest lectures on mental health and lectures on autism.
I have experiences with assisted living and everything around it and unfortunately also with bullying. I myself have autism and therefore have a lot of experience with it and have a lot of knowledge about it.
I like to inspire and move people with my experiences and stories. That's why I give guest lectures about autism, bullying and mental health.

For more information about the guest lessons see page offer . For contact me go to the contact page .